Why I Chose to be a Surrogate

Ever since I announced my role as a surrogate there have been a variety of questions and comments made. I’m hoping this post will answer a lot of the general questions, but if not I am happy to explain more! I also plan to write more posts about how to become a surrogate and theContinue reading “Why I Chose to be a Surrogate”

How To Support A Loved One Who Experienced A Miscarriage

A miscarriage or pregnancy loss is an incredibly trying time for someone, and unfortunately it is still a taboo topic for many. A miscarriage is an exceptional time of grief, and someone experiencing one needs all the support in the world. After I experienced my own miscarriage, I quickly found out what were great waysContinue reading “How To Support A Loved One Who Experienced A Miscarriage”

Parenting The Child You Have

Parenting is hard, I’m just going to go ahead and lay that out there. If someone says it’s easy, they are straight lying and you need to RUN from them. Children are some crazy little people at times and truthfully it feels like they are just gaslighting you to make you lose your sanity evenContinue reading “Parenting The Child You Have”

What You Need To Know About Triggers After A Miscarriage

Experiencing a miscarriage is not a situation where it happens and then life just goes on. Often women will experience triggers after a miscarriage for months, even years. After my personal experience with a miscarriage, I did not realize just how many triggers I would experience over the next year. Each one was like aContinue reading “What You Need To Know About Triggers After A Miscarriage”

Why I Chose to Quit Breastfeeding

In 2017 when I got pregnant with my daughter I knew I was going to breastfeed. There was no doubt in my mind about it. Breast is best right? Not for me! Breast was horrible. Breast caused my anxiety to skyrocket. I do not regret that I made a decision to quit breastfeeding one bit. The DecisionContinue reading “Why I Chose to Quit Breastfeeding”

A Letter To The Struggling Mom

The days are hard and long. Some days seem like they last 36+ hours. You are at your wits end and ready to give up and cry for the millionth time. To the struggling mom, I see you, I am you. To The Struggling Mom In The Grocery Store I see you with your toddlerContinue reading “A Letter To The Struggling Mom”

I Got Pregnant on an IUD

Yep, you read that right. This baby I am carrying is the result of an IUD pregnancy. In November 2019, we lost a baby at 9-weeks, a missed miscarriage. It turned our world upside down. We struggled with the grief for months before we finally sat down and decided to call off trying again. Our focusContinue reading “I Got Pregnant on an IUD”

The Bittersweetness of a Rainbow Baby

In November 2019, my husband and I experienced a tragic miscarriage of what would have been our second child. We were devastated. Not long after we decided to take time off trying and I got an IUD. I previously wrote about my experience getting pregnant on an IUD with my son. In that post, weContinue reading “The Bittersweetness of a Rainbow Baby”