Why I Chose to Quit Breastfeeding

In 2017 when I got pregnant with my daughter I knew I was going to breastfeed. There was no doubt in my mind about it. Breast is best right? Not for me! Breast was horrible. Breast caused my anxiety to skyrocket. I do not regret that I made a decision to quit breastfeeding one bit. The DecisionContinue reading “Why I Chose to Quit Breastfeeding”

A Letter To The Struggling Mom

The days are hard and long. Some days seem like they last 36+ hours. You are at your wits end and ready to give up and cry for the millionth time. To the struggling mom, I see you, I am you. To The Struggling Mom In The Grocery Store I see you with your toddlerContinue reading “A Letter To The Struggling Mom”